Thursday, 26 August 2010

Quest for cupcakes

While home for a 2 week stint, The sis also came over for a visit.

What to do when your pastry chef sister is in town?

Seek out the much lauded cupcake shops in the area.

First stop- Cakelove in Silver Spring. A shop I have visited before, and I was craving their strawberry cupcakes - the buttercream made with fresh strawberries. We took half a dozen home to share and were sadly disappointed that they were pretty poor quality fare. The cake part was all the same, boring yellow or chocolate cake - a bit dry and mealy - topped with a different flavor of buttercream icing. German chocolate, red velvet, coconut lime, salty caramel. Nothing really struck us as outstanding and knew that any of us could make better quality cakes any time.

Cakelove on Urbanspoon

Next day Amy wanted to check out Georgetown Cupcake in Bethesda after seeing their TV show. We get to Bethesda, have to battle through traffic and wander through Bethesda Avenue, Lane, Row in the new shopping centre downtown. Things have changed in just a few years. And we find that that whole side of the street has lost power. But only for the past hour, so they are still doing business with a line going out the door. But apparently the line can run out along the sidewalk, so we lucked out. I loved the preppy, chic atmosphere. Simple and elegant. the display case is classy, they do a good job making the cakes look yummy. We take home another half dozen box of cupcakes. These are pictured below. We just had to snap a few photos because they looked so nice. And the flavors were amazing, leving Cakelove in the dust. The cakes were moist and fresh, each flavor was unique and interesting (not something I would think to make at home). Chocolate ganache, cherry cheesecake (actual graham cracker crust, cheesecake, cherries, and a light cheesy buttercream icing - very decadent), berry lemon, carrot, coconut chocolate, and one more that I forget. They were all good. Each only $2.75 instead of $3.50 over at Cakelove. 

Georgetown Cupcake at Bethesda Row on Urbanspoon

I know cupcakes are a simple concept, and I am sure I would be able to put these together, but the convenience and fancy trend are attractive. Its definitely an idea for a future money making scheme at almost $3 bucks a pop. Amy - you know you want to.

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