Monday, 6 December 2010


What the heck kind of lemons are these?

Commanders Palace

Mmm. 25cent martinis for lunch at commanders palace in New Orleans and other decadent food. What?! A total of $1.25 for drinks. Bread pudding soufflé! I LOVE New Orleans and the man pictured here. Oh to have them both in one place.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Washington DC

It's been 2 weeks now in this new home. Time is flying when there is so much to do.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

New addition

Just a few days into this new situation and I'm already free and mobile with thus new addition. My grown up car.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Knitting projects

A couple knitting projects from this year. I have others made during this year but I can't show them off until they've been gifted. Don't want to spoil the surprise.

Made the bikini just in time for our Bali trip. Surprisingly it fits well with minor adjustments to the pattern to accommodate my big boobs.

The vest is made out of very special handspun cotton/silk yarn from The Hollow. Was afraid I wouldn't have enough. But I ended up with leftovers to make a little accessory item underway.

Currently Waiting to get on the plane for a long long flight as i draft this entry with a bag full of yarn for a project I am rushing to finish before Xmas. I'll show off the rest in the new year.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's Halloween!

Halloween just isn't the same anywhere like back home in the USA. I'm amazed that I found a pumpkin to carve. But carve one we did despite how busy we are packing up and getting ready to move. One more week as an aussie.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bali Part 2

After 4 days spent in the bustling streets of Kuta and Seminyak, we made our way for a peaceful respite up in the hills in Ubud. There we stayed for 2 nights at Villa Sarna a jungle retreat 30 minutes out of town, driving up and down the hills and through rice paddy fields. We then moved to the Honeymoon Guesthouse, a boutique hotel recommended by friends located in town, for one night. Honeymoon Guesthouse is great value for a balinese style retreat with all the luxuries, but make sure you get one of the more expensive rooms (only $70 instead of $50) that has AC, the others can be a bit dark and bare (but still nice). The main activities in Ubud were shopping up and down the streets, peeking into galleries and eating amazing cuisine. I rediscovered my bargaining skills in the craft market, impressing Richard at the deals I could get for all the fun gifts and trinkets. I am in love with the basketry and wanted to buy it all, especially the bags. I loved all the color and creativity displayed in the batiks, sarongs, beaded jewelry, wood carvings, metal work, paintings, etc.

One of the many daily offerings presented to the gods. People believe that the gods are living beings in the carved statue, so they are dressed in black and white checkered sarongs and presented with food and flowers each day.

The offerings are strewn all around the gods and in the temples. Someone must come around every evening and make room for the next day's supply.

People can buy offerings from a supplier and also pay other people to make and deliver an offering to their temple or god of choice.

Market produce

Kopi Luwak. The brewed drink from the coffee that is first eaten and excreted by the Luwak cat native to Indonesia.

These are a common sight, and a popular purchase by tourists. Supposed to endow fertility.

We were told we had to try the smoked duck specialty at this place, Bebek Bengil - the dirty duck diner, and it was definitely worth the trek. It was amazing, go with an appetite.

The set duck menu, included one whole smoked duck stuffed and covered in spices, chicken sate (couldn't get enough of those), green bean salad, fruit cocktail, and steamed rice. So good! Ask for the private cabana seating.

On the trek to the dirty duck diner we found this kite artist and bought one to take home.

In town just in time to catch this sight. 

Amazing views of rice paddies on our half-day walk along Campuan Ridge.

Perfect rehydration drink after sweating so much on our walk.

I had never seen rice harvested before.

This is where rice comes from.

Along Campuan Ridge

I love this photo. This is elephant grass that is used for roof thatching.

The musicians at the Lotus Cafe monday night Kecak performance.
We ended our holiday in Sanur, an East Coast resort region with fewer waves, where we resolved to relax by the pool and do nothing. We did manage to bump into an old friend from Sri Lanka who has been living on the Island since leaving SL. Social networking sites are amazing tools for keeping in touch with so many people, especially having an international profession. I love having the potential to make and visit friends all over the world.

Bali Part 1

Soo not good at keeping up with this blog. Its been one week back, almost feels like forever, but I figured I might as well at least post a few photos of the holiday before time gets away from me.

The first few days were spent in Kuta, the massively chaotic tourist trap on the west coast of the island. Good waves no the beach for beginner surfers for Richard to try out. I was able to capture this one picture of him up on the board. We arranged a drive out to Ulu Watu at sunset to visit the temple where the main attractions are these mischevious monkeys who will snatch anything they dangling and loose on an unsuspecting person and the Kecak fire dance telling a story of Rama and Sita.

Monday, 4 October 2010

An Aussie Breakfast

Once upon a time we had the time to cook ourselves a scrumptious breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. These days are we are super busy and prefer to get eat brunch out at one of the many foodie spots in this city before we leave for good - this way we can avoid washing dishes, get out of the house, save some time, and enjoy the increasingly pleasant/warm weather. 

Blood oranges have been in season lately and they are my favorite, Juiced by hand. One day we'll get a proper juicing contraption.

I found this recipe through another Melbourne foodie blog Wotsfortea for homemade Crumpets online and wanted to try them. The crumpets you can buy in the shops are cheapo and this recipe seemed really easy only requiring flour, yeast and milk. Here in Australia you can buy both English Muffins and Crumpets, but the English Muffins are nothing like in the states, they don't have very many nooks and crannies, while the Crumpets are light and full of holes - they kind of look like American style English muffins, but more spongy if bought in the store. This was my first attempt at making Crumpets and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. They are like really holey pancakes. You have to have a bit of time and patience in the morning hours to be able to let the yeast work its magic for an hour. (Which doesn't usually work for me because I sleep in so late, that by the time I am up I am starving and can't wait for the cooking process.) They cook up fast once the batter has bubbled up. You are instructed to use egg rings to make the round shape, which are kind of tricky so I might look for other, more manageable alternatives. Serve hot with butter and jam.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


He got the Job!!! Working with Dan Church Aid. And is headed to Sudan sometime in November maybe. BIG Changes, I mean Huge. And all of a sudden, but hey, isn't this what we wanted? More on this later when I know more.

Blog is going to be about America and all the travels based out of there.

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